A Polish "Masterpiece" in other words a Producers decalogue (Arcydzieło)

A Polish "Masterpiece" in other words a Producers decalogue

"A Polish "Masterpiece" in other words a Producers decalogue" is a parody of filmmaking. The adventures of self-proclaimed and overzealous director Mariusz and his two companions Gregory and Peter, who, after a failed attempt to make a film and flee from creditors, nevertheless decide to finish the film and become giants of world cinema and sharks of the shoebusiness. They look for new investors, no matter if it is Mauritius, Paris, New York, Seychelles or Brussels. They dimly convince everyone that they are very important and respected businessmen. Who is going to check it? And at most, half will believe and half won't, but does it matter? After all, whatever the case, stitching is our national sport.

Kurka Wodna
Polish, sub.English
directed by
Mariusz Pujszo
written by
Mariusz Pujszo
Mariusz Pujszo, Grzegorz Halama
Trailer English Version