Heroes of A Forgotten War (Heroes of a Forgotten War)

This is a docu drama about America’s great hero, Meriam C. Cooper and the contribution of 17 American volunteer fighter pilots who formed the Kosciuszko Squadron which defended Poland from the Bolshevik invasion of Europe in 1919 and in effect saved the free world from Communism.
This heroic story will tell the tale of real heroes who didn’t fight for financial gain, fame or any type of reward. They fought for justice and freedom, disregarding the fact that the danger they would face was unknown, their equipment was in bad condition, their planes were old German and Italian planes, and lacked proper medical care. In peak periods, they would fly almost 50 combat campaigns daily, and if caught would most likely be immediately killed. This documentary will research why such a group of Americans fought for the freedom of a different country, their experience, and the result of their success. For historical accuracy, the script will be based on original pilot log books. They received the highest Polish Military Order; Wirtuti Militarii, and the Polish tradition was passed on to Squadron 303 and the Battle of Britain. The Kosciuszko Squadron pilots became Polish heroes, and later on Major Merian C. Cooper  went on to Produce King Kong the movie, as reality crossed path with Hollywood culture.

Docu drama
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